BoxBandz™ - Full Body Resistance Trainer- 80lbsZoom

BoxBandz™ - Full Body Resistance Trainer- 80lbs

Item# BB-CON-1
Resistance training plays a massive role in enhancing your speed and explosive power as well as increasing muscle strength and burning fat.

Designed to make you better than your competition, the BoxBandz™ Trainer helps you become stronger, faster and more explosive through resistance training.

BoxBandz™ helps strengthen your upper/lower body, enhances your movements and conditions your body to perform better when it matters most.

While making you the athlete NO ONE wants to face.

BoxBandz™ adds external resistance to any normal, sports or fitness-related movement that challenges your muscles to maintain proper form against the tension generated throughout the exercise motion.

Resistance training helps strengthen your fast-twitch muscles and conditions them to perform movements with resistance.

When you make those same movements without BoxBandz™ they'll be faster, more explosive and more powerful.

Why People Choose BoxBandz™

1. Become stronger, faster and more explosive - Resistance from the BoxBandz™ Trainer strengthens your muscles to combat tension generated by the bands. Once your body is used to the resistance those movements become easier to perform and more explosive.

2. Improve stamina, form and muscle memory - Resistance training allows you to perform more reps safely and effectively improving stamina and technique.

3. Suitable for all fitness levels - Simple and easy to use, the BoxBandz™ Trainer can be used by anyone. Whether it's your main source of fitness or a supplement to your current program, once you strap in you will feel the difference.

4. Lightweight and Compact Design for Normal Movements - Designed with an athlete in mind, the set is small and compact to stay out of the way, only applying resistance where needed. The key to the design is that it allows you to make all the normal movements but with added resistance.

5. Suitable For Any Training Program - Use it to enhance your combat abilities, sports-specific or weight training movement. And with the added benefit of burning through those excess calories, BoxBandz™ also makes for an excellent killer-cardio workout.

6. Helps protect against future injuries - The BoxBandz™ Trainer puts less pressure on your joints and engages your muscles more, leading to stronger stabilizer/support muscles that help to protect you against future injuries.

7. Comfortable and Adjustable Fit - The BoxBandz™ belt features extra padding to protect your waist/back against irritation while training. The belt, wrist and ankle straps are easily adjustable, providing you the proper fit to train safely and effectively. Belt goes up to size 40 waist.

8. Durable and High-Quality - Featuring soft high-quality latex, strong rubber and custom-engineered nylon, BoxBandz™ is built to last and safe to use!

Each band adds 20lbs for total of 80lbs resistance on this size.
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